Co-founded Starting Point Ventures in 2007 with Dan
Lynn to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams
through access to capital and advisory services.

Previous Experience:
Metem Corporation, DigitalGrit, RelevantNoise and

Steven Goldthwaite is a business leader and entrepreneur who consistently manages successful companies, helping them to innovate and capitalize on opportunities. This results in superior products and services for customers and significant returns for investors. He has more than 25 years’ experience in helping companies to grow and to make the sizable investments to capitalize on market opportunities.

Steven recently served as CEO of Metem Corporation, a global supplier of advanced machining and engineering solutions for turbine engine components used in the natural gas and aerospace industries. General Electric purchased Metem in April 2016. Steven continues to serve as a consultant to General Electric. 

As an entrepreneur, Steven has founded and managed innovative, technology-driven companies including RelevantNoise, Digital Grit, and Temel. These were joined together and acquired by InvestCorp Technology Partners.

Steven’s views and comments on business issues have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, IndustryWeek, and on Bloomberg Television and other media outlets. 

He holds a BS in Economics from Lehigh University.

Follow Steven on Twitter at @shgoldthwaite